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Quran and Prayer Beads

Let us take care of you this Ramadan and Guide you through your Qur'an al Kareem, dhikr & Duas.

This FREE course was created with you in mind. Learn a portion of the Qur'an Al Kareem every night, with proper Tajweed, along with Dhikr & Duas! This will help you enhance your salah, your recitation and relationship with the Qur'an and Allah SWT.

With all the sacrifices we make in this month let's not sacrifice our Qur'an Al Kareem.

Qur'an, Dhikr, Dua & Repeat!

  Registration Form
Optimize your  Ramadan this year!
(This FREE course is for everyone!)
Course details:
  • Learn a portion of the 30th Juz each night.

  • Learn the art of remembering Allah SWT.

  • Learn Duas that have already been accepted by Allah SWT.

  • Dua will be made each night of Ramadan!

  • Start Date: Monday April, 10th, 2023 (After Midnight 12:15 AM)

  • Time: 12:15 AM EST (NY Time)

If you are 18 or above, parent information is NOT required 

Course Rules:

  • Please keep your camera / video open during class.

  • Zoom name MUST be the same name used to register for this course.

  • EACH student must register for the course. It's free!

  • Please DO NOT share the link that will be provided to you after registration!

  • You can share the flyer and the website link with your family and friends, everyone is welcome to register!

By submitting this form you agree to our terms and conditions.

Jazak'Allahu Khair.

May this Ramadan be the best of your life! Ameen.

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