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This advanced and accelerated course is for those Huffaz (male and female) who have previously memorized the Qur’an Al Kareem but were not able to keep up with the revision. We understand life gets in the way and due to not prioritizing the Qur’an al Kareem, it becomes weak and depreciates as does all knowledge that isn't maintained. Let us guide you back to your Qur’an in a manner that makes it encouraging, relevant and challenges you to have the best quality of memorization. Learn tips, hacks, and the proper methods of helping you retain your Qur'an Al Kareem until your last breath.


Insha’Allah, upon completion we will offer you a certificate and add you to our Tajweed Academy Certified Huffaz program for Ramadan/Taraweeh placements throughout the USA, Insha’Allah.


This course is perfect for individuals, schools or Islamic establishments seeking training of teachers, students, Imams, Huffaz and Islamic scholars. Upon completion we will provide certification (Ijaazah & Sanad) in the field of memorization of Qur'an with proper pronunciation. You will have reacquainted your ability to read Qur'an with proper pronunciation and perfect memorization! Let's begin your journey today!      

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