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Collection of books required to help you with your journey in Qur'an Al Kareem, becoming an Scholar in Islam, and to acquire credible and authentic Islamic education for children and adults of all ages. 

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As promised here is the Islamic Books List.  Buy these for yourself,  a loved one, or a friend who may be on their journey to learning this beautiful religion of ours


Bring them to ease and earn rewards for making their journey easy, Insha'Allah. 


Recommended by Senior Scholars! Please make sure to do your own due diligence! They are categorized as Noorani Qaidah, Nazirah, Hifz, Alim Course, Iftah Course, and Maktab Program.


Travel Essentials:


*Travel adapter.*



4 options.


*Travel power strip.* 

There are limited outlets in rooms/tents/buildings. Taking this will help everyone in your room.


*Portable luggage scale.*


*Luggage strap connector.* 

This comes in handy if you have a carry-on and 2 luggage's.


*Space saver bags for traveling.*


*Travel Iron.* 

This can come in handy if you are staying in a building and don't have a hotel.


*Travel bidet.*

4 options.


*Carabiner Clips.*

Great for hanging things off luggage, hand carry, or backpacks. 


*Insulin cooler case.*

Great for diabetics. 


*Pills Organizer.* 



*Ihraam Essentials:*


*Flip Flops.* 

Unisex. Best tried and tested for durability. Great to use while making wudu as they will not stink up.


*Mens Anti-Chafing stick.*


*Mens fanny pack/belt.* 

This is very durable and also can act as a belt to hold up men's Ihraam.


*Ihraam Belt.*

3 options. 

No pouch.


*Vaseline Body Sticks.* 

No mess on your hands! 



*Selfcare Essentials:*


*Compression socks.*

For calf pain. These get sold out at pharmacies the fastest! Many Hujjaj suffer a lot of foot pain due to excessive walking. *Men CANNOT use it during Ihraam, Women CAN use it during Ihraam and throughout the entire journey.*


*Ankle Brace.*

If you suffer from flat feet, highly recommend this brace as these also sell out fast and are very expensive in saudi arabia. This can also help with any ankle pain. *Men CANNOT use it during Ihraam, Women CAN use it during Ihraam and throughout the entire journey.*


*Ankle cushion socks.* 

These are amazing when you are praying on hard tiles. *Men CANNOT use it during Ihraam, Women CAN use it during Ihraam and throughout the entire journey.* 


*Blister Band Aid.* 


*First-Aid Kit.* 



*Women Essentials:*


*Womens Anti-Chafing stick.*


*Women's crossbody travel bag.*

Easy access to belongings


*Womens leggings.* 

Two options. Highly recommend all ladies to wear leggings as public bathrooms are not very hygenic.


*Grip socks.* 

When you are barefoot in the Masjids these are great as sometimes the tiles are slippery. *Men CANNOT use it during Ihraam, Women CAN use it during Ihraam and throughout the entire journey.*


*Sun Visor.* 


*Scissors for Hair.* 



*Umrah & Hajj (8th-13th Dhul HIjjah).*


*Water bottle with Mister.*


*Stainless steel water bottle with handle.* 


*Neck fan.*


*Cooling towel.*


*Drawstring shoe bags.* 

These offer water bottle pockets which are great!

Also it has other pockets for your dua books so that everything is not in one area with your shoes/flip flops. Great for Inside the Masjids and during Hajj!


*Duffle Bag.*

Good for Mina/Arafah/Muzdalifah days.


*Sleeping mat for Muzdalifah.*


*Disposable sheet for Muzdalifah.*


*Unscented soap sheets.* 

Better than liquid that can leak into your bags.


*Unscented body wipes.* 

Bigger in size than average wipes.


*All purpose hooks.* 

People have used these in the bathrooms when they need to hang clothes while in the tents. Can be used to hang other belongings as well.

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May Allah SWT reward you for your support!
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