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Part-Time & Full-Time
Hifz Program


Our Hifz Program is for those students / adults who strive for academic / work excellence and still have the desire to memorize the Qur'an Al Kareem. Allah SWT has made the Qur'an Al Kareem easy for those who decide to embark on the journey.

The Qur'an Al Kareem is the only religious book that can be memorized cover to cover. Be part of a group of students / adults like yourself who are striving for excellence in their secular, work, and religious education. Learn tips, hacks, and the proper methods of helping you retain your Qur'an Al Kareem until your last breath.


Insha’Allah, upon completion we will offer you a certificate and add you to our Tajweed Academy Certified Huffaz program for Ramadan/Taraweeh placements throughout the USA.


This course is perfect for individuals, schools or Islamic establishments seeking training of teachers, students, Imams, Huffaz and Islamic scholars. Upon completion we will provide certification (Ijaazah & Sanad) in the field of memorization of Qur'an with proper pronunciation. Insha'Allah you will acquire the ability to read Qur'an with proper pronunciation and perfect your memorization! Let's begin your journey today!      

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