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Tajweed Academy - Jannah in Dunya  - Registration
A specialized counseling course provided that helps build a happy Marriage, stronger Couples & a healthy Family in our homes in the Light of the Qur’an Al Kareem. (Certificate Included)


Monday 9:30 PM EST (New York time)

 60 mins each session

July 6th - August 31st

8 weeks

 $100 per Household*

If you are 18 or above, parent information is NOT required. Please note, this course is recommended for Married Couples & Families ONLY! Children under the age of 16 CANNOT REGISTER BY THEMSELVES! 

*A HOUSEHOLD means family members living at the same physical address.

*Certificate is for the registered student. If you require more certificates, please provide us with the full name of the student(s) and an additional $25 per student(s) via the button (Additional Certificate) below.

Thanks for your order!

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